Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's not a fad, The website your on might be, but not Social Media itself.

My Thoughts on this whole "social media fiasco"

   So I was first introduced to social media around 3 years ago. Probably around grade 10 of high school. I never really created a Facebook profile until the people around me started nagging me to. The way i saw it was that Facebook was just a fad like My Space. I never cared about Myspace, never made a Myspace account, and when it was ditched for Facebook, I felt the exact same way for FB. Well I created a Facebook account added my friends and what not. To this day I do not use it that much, I've never played farmville or anything and I go on it maybe 2 or 3 times a week. I still felt that this was just a fad.

   Once I got wind of Twitter however, my perspective changed. I actuall enjoy twitter because i find it much easier to keep track of the stuff I am interested in. On Twitter, I choose what i want to follow, unlike on Facebook where my news feed is filled with ads and people taking pictures of themselves in the mirror. Like holy shit every time i check my FB, "soneso has changed his profile pic" and its just them looking into a mirror with the camera with a less than happy facial expression. Personally I don't give a shit about that, nor what food you ate today or that hate your parents, I just don't give a shit and I feel that Going on FB is a waste of time. If i want to talk to my friends ill go on Skype, If I want to see what’s going on today ill check Twitter or Reddit.

   In short I do believe the way we communicate is being completely revolutionized because of social media, But it’s important to know site like Facebook maybe just fads that people will soon leave to for better alternatives, Social media will be getting bigger and bigger for the time come, But social media sites will have to keep up if they want to stay in the evoked set of social media.

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