Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Social Media: What Lies Ahead

There is no doubt that social media will grow in popularity as years go by. Social media as of now is an emerging new form of how we will communicate with others and how the world will communicate with us. As time goes by, more and more people will be using social media as their prime way to get information and news. Millions of people sharing info with millions of people via online, rather than a couple thousand sharing info to a couple million via news channels and newspapers.

   Social media is not a phase, it is not a fad or simple alternative to get info and communicate with others. It is the basis of all communication for the future. 10 years ago we didn't have Facebook or Reddit to see what’s going on in our world. Now with a click of the mouse or the touch of your screen you are shown a great amount of info that you could never hope to find on a newspaper. You could never actively communicate with business all over the world instantly. With so many possibilities on how to shape our way of communicating online we can only imagine what role social media will play in 10 years.

   I imagine people walking around wearing their Google glasses or reading the news on their digital watch. Newspapers will no longer exist and the news organization will exist solely online or on television/radio. When a story breaks you will not "hear more about this at 11". When a story breaks it will pop up online within the hour and you can access it anywhere. I imagine Facebook dying in the future, due to more and more people getting concerned about their privacy online.

   In the near future there will be a much higher demand for social media apps that value the users privacy more and more. A lot more people will also be part of the online community. When a petition against something is set up online, people don't care too much about it. A lot more voters don't use the internet for news so not a lot of attention will be paid towards them. However in the past election social media did play a role in gathering the youth vote. In the future It won’t be just the youth vote on the web that's being targeting. I can see presidential candidates participate in online elections and actively communicate with people online.

   In short the presence social media has in our lives will only grow. As more and more people join the online community it will no longer be a simple minority of people on the web. Online communities will become a highly sought out demographic.

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